Kelly Worms

PLOW JOCKEY - Designed and scented especially for bass! Three No. 6 Mustad hooks precisely arranged for bass attack. PIER BOY SPECIAL - This natural 5.5 inch life-like worm draws fish from all directions! Made with three No. 6 Mustad hooks. Tail end stinger hook makes it possible to catch a variety of panfish while fishing for bass. STRIPER - Bass can't resist the winning combination of color and action of this 5.5 inch worm. No peeling or fading. Each dot and stripe is molded directly into the worm. Made with three No. 6 Mustad hooks. With built-In fish catching anise plus scent. FIRETAIL - This 5.5 inch worm is a unique combination of colors. Fantastic! For early morning and overcast days. BASS CRAWLER - This Large 6.5 inch crawler is made for the big ones! Has a natural segmented body that is tapered at the head and rear. Ideal for catching bass anytime, especially when they've gone deep. The Crawler will sink faster and deeper into the weeds and can be fished at a faster speed. Made with two No. 4 Weedless hooks. TWO HOOK WEEDLESS - Invade weeds and lily pads. 5.5 inch natural action worm. Two No. 4 weedless hooks are precisely placed into the worm to give full hooking and holding power! With easy releasing weed guards "Bass Don't Stand A Chance". REVILLE JR. - A fantastic 2.5 inch worm for bluegills, perch, crappie and bass. Two No. 8 Mustad hooks. Hand tied-hand sewn 12 lb. test inside leader.