Trigger X Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

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Trigger X aggression soft bait formula allows these baits to swim with a natural motion. As the lures swim they release a special mixture of Ultrabite Pheromones that combine natural “aggression” and “fear” pheromones triggering strikes.
Trigger X Walleye formula is species-specific with the perfect body shapes, sizes and colors. Each Trigger X walleye bait swims with the fluid motion found in nature. Lure bodies are designed in proportion to their natural counterparts. Each is packed with Ultrabite Pheromones specially formulated to target Walleye. Scientific tests prove fish hold onto Trigger X up to 10X longer than other baits.

Flappin Craw
CLOSEOUT! Regular $4.89 - The FIappin Craw has an incredible life-like action. Fish the Craw as a trailer or rig on a plain jig head. The Trigger X Flappin' Craw has just enough weight for ease of fishing and matches well to a wide variety of jig sizes. Claws rise in defense at rest, with a mild kicking action on retrieve. 4" length, 6 per bag.
Order #: 560402

Trigger X Probe Worms
The Trigger X Probe worm is the ultimate finesse worm for bass fishermen. Use with drop shot, split shot and darter head jigs. The floating body is loaded with UltraBite pheromones. 4", 14 pack.
Order #: 560410