Deluxe Starter Fly Tying Kit

Deluxe Starter Fly Tying Kit
Order # 620804
The deluxe fly tying kit is an expanded version of our popular fly tying starter kit. Full color spiral bound fly tying manual gives clear step-by-step instructions on how to tie each fly. Kit includes all of the necessary fly tying tools and materials to tie 17 popular fly patterns. Tools: Super AA vise, flared tube thread bobbin, hackle pliers, bodkin and scissors. Material: head cement, saddle hackle, marabou, partridge, rooster neck, mallard flank, chenille, peacock herl, eyes, cone heads, 17 packs of fly hooks, dubbing, thread, leech yarn, poly yarn, chenille, deer body hair, bucktail pieces, rubber legs, zonker strips, CDC feathers, weighting wire and stretch tubing.

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