Rod Guides

Fuji's most popular rod guide and tip, Hardloy is produced from a special blend of high grade Aluminium Oxide. Because the Hardloy ring is diamond polished and permanently mounted to the frame, it results in lighter weight, greater heat dissipation and decreased line wear. The final analysis - increased line performance. One of the most advanced ceramic rings, the Silicon Carbide ring is used in the construction of high quality rods across the globe. Diamond-polished SiC rings are twelve times harder, dissipate heat four times faster, and weigh fifty percent less than standard stainless steel rings. SiC rings were also the first rings to be mounted directly to the frame, which reduces weight, increases heat dissipation, and amplifies line sensitivity. Fuji has developed a new material for their Guides and Tips called the Alconite Ring. This ring has been adapted to the Fuji New Guide Concept Frame and has the following features. Bright black polished surface, improved heat conductivity, thinner than Hardloy and 1.8 times harder than Hardloy.