Do-It SUS-5-A Stand Up Spin Jig Mold

Do-It SUS-5-A Stand Up Spin Jig Mold
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The Do-It SUS-5-A Stand Up Spin Jig mold gives you the best of both worlds, a standup head and a spinner jig. The flat footed jig keeps the hook and bait just off the bottom where it's ready for walleye. The fish attracting addition of a spinner blade and the flat foot shape of the lure slows it's rate of descent and attracts suspended fish. The SUS-5-A mold has 5 cavities - Weight(hook size) 1/8(1/0), 1/4(1/0 or 3/0), 3/8(1/0 or 3/0), 1/2(1/0 or 3/0), 3/4(3/0). Use a size 10 crane swivel and the Eagle Claw 1623 jig hook. Both our Colorado and Indiana spinner blades are commonly used on this jig head. Barbed collar keeps soft plastic grubs in place.

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