Do-It PHC-3-L Sea Horse Jig Mold
Order # 412129
The Do-It PHC-3-L Sea Horse Jig mold is a larger version of the popular Horse Head Jig. The Sea Horse jig uses the strong jig hooks you need to land Striped Bass and other large game fish. The bent down portion of the head serves as both an attachment point for the spinner blade and a stabilizing rudder to keep the torque of the rotating blade from turning this jig to its side. The PHC-3 L is a 3 cavity mold that makes 1 of each size 3/4, 1, 1 1/2 oz. Use a #7 crane swivel. We suggest the Eagle Claw 630 freshwater and 635 saltwater O'Shaughnessy jig hooks.

$34.45 / EACH