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Helpful Tips for Casting Weedless Jig Heads

All Weedless Do-It jig molds accept fiberguards except the WCK-5-AWG Wacky Head Jig Mold. Check the individual mold to confirm the size of weedguard that will work with your mold. Fiberguards can be molded directly into the jig head or glued in after the head has been removed from the mold.

Casting the Fiber Guard (weedguard) into the Head

When casting the jig head with the fiberguard in the mold, the molten lead slightly melts the plastic holding it in place. Make sure all of the fibers are within the fiberguard groove. If not, the fibers will prevent the mold from closing completely and cause flashing. Always place the weedguard base into the cavity as far as possible without blocking the hook. This insures the weedguard will be locked in place. Carefully remove the basepin with pliers. Do not use your fingers! The hook point is very close to the pin and injury could result.

Using Base Pins and Gluing the Fiber Guard Into the Head

Gluing the fiberguard into the jig head makes pouring and painting the jig head easier. A pocket is formed in the jig head by inserting a base pin into the mold while loading the hook. After the head is removed from the mold, the reuseable basepin is pulled from the jig head revealing a pocket for the fiberguard. After painting the head, use a 2 part epoxy to glue the weedguard in place. All of our weedless jig molds accept basepins EXCEPT RVB-5-AF, FBW-4-AF, WCK-5-AWG and RVB-6-1632. Weedguards must be cast into these heads.

Base Pin Options

Most weedless jig molds are furnished with base pins. For production purposes, extra basepins are sold separately. Teflon basepins are available for those that want to powder paint their jigs. Powder paint won't stick to teflon so cleanup is much easier.

Wacky Jig Mold - WCK-5-AWG

The WCK-5-AWG wacky head mold accepts only a special wire weedguard. The special wire weedguard must be cast into the head while pouring. It can't be glued in.