In Line Spinner Parts

Making In Line Spinners

In-Line spinners are used to catch all gamefish including bass, trout, walleye and pike. These lures are easy to assemble and inexpensive to make. Landing a fish on a lure you personally designed and built is especially rewarding. Good Fishing!.

Wire Forming Tools

Round bend pliers have special jaws that make smooth round loops. Select the plier model by the size of wire you want to bend. You will also need some heavy wire cutting pliers to cut the stainless steel shaft.

In Line Spinner Parts Chart

This information is offered as a starting point. Feel free to experiment with different styles and sizes of spinner blades, beads, lure bodies and treble hooks.

Size Wire Shaft Clevis Bead Hook Blades Head Body Weight
0 4" 2 1/8-5/32 #10 #0 5/32" bead 81 1/12 oz.
1 4" 2 1/8 #8 #1 79 81 1/8 oz.
2 4" 2 1/8 #6 #2 70 71 1/6 oz.
3 4" 2 1/8-5/32 #4 #3 80 82 1/4 oz.
4 4" 4 1/8-5/32 #4 #4 70 73 1/3 oz.
5 6" 4 1/8-5/32 #2 #5 80 50 1/2 oz.
Musky 8" .051" 4, 6 5/32-3/16 3/0-5/0 #5French 78 99 3/4 oz.
Musky 8" .051" 4, 6 5/32-3/16 3/0-5/0 #5Willow NA 108 1 oz.
Musky 8" .051" 4, 6 5/32-3/16 3/0-5/0 #6,8,9,10 Musky NA 108 1 oz.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I paint lure bodies and spinner blades? - Yes however only the brass finish bodies and blades can be painted. Paint will not stick to plated surfaces. Both our vinyl and lacquer paints work well when applied with a brush. Our waterbased painted work well with an airbrush. NOTE: You cannot mix the lacquer and vinyl paints.
    Can I use a single hook instead of a treble hook? - Many in-line spinners are built using a single hook in place of a treble hook. It's best to use a hook with a large ringed eye. Our Mustad 3407 hook works well. For musky spinners, try our Mustad Siwash 9510XXXS.
    How can I replace my treble hook? - To replace a treble hook on a spinner, cut the eye of the treble and remove it from the spinner. Now use a split ring to attach the new hook.
    How can I add more flash and color to my lure? - You can use plastic tubing or our lure tags to add color to your treble hook.Try our prism tape to add color and flash to your spinner blades.
    How can I stop line twist? - It's best to use a swivel in between the lure and your line to reduce line twist. Roller and ball bearing swivels are free spinning and and work the best.