Flytying Supplies

Fly tying is the perfect way to expand your interest and improve your success in fly fishing. Tying flies allows you to remain active in your sport during the off season. Tying your own flies gives you the on-the-water advantage of fishing flies that you have developed to match your local fishing conditions.

There are many good fly tying references available in book and video format. Consider purchasing or borrowing a beginning fly tying instruction guide. Our website offers many good books and videos for the beginning fly tyer. Find fly tying supplies and extend your fly fishing enjoyment.

Basic Tools for Fly Tying

There are a few fly tying tools that are indispensible for tying flies. Essential fly tying tools include a vise, bobbin and scissors. There are other tools that make fly tying easier and faster. They include hackle pliers, hair stackers, bodkins, and tweezers to name just a few.

Fly Tying Vises

The vise holds the hook firmly while material is added to the hooks shank. All of our introductory vises will work well with the fly hook styles and sizes that beginning fly tyers will most likely use.

Fly Tying Bobbins

A bobbin holds and dispenses spools of thread and floss. Weighted bobbins help keep tension on the thread while it is left hanging. A bobbin threader helps you feed the thread through the small bobbin tube.


Scissors will be used used to cut material on every fly you tie. The best scissors will cut material cleanly for an extended period without sharpening. Purchase the best scissors you can afford.

Hackle Pliers

Used to grip the end of hackle while wrapping the hackle around a hook shank.

Odds and Ends

Hair stackers, half hitch tools, bodkins, tweezers. All are handy tools to have as you progress in tying and attempt more fly patterns.

Some Easy to Tie, Fish Catching Fly Patterns

Here are a couple of fly patterns for a beginning fly tyer to try. These proven fish catchers are easy to tie and will catch plenty of panfish and trout.

Learn to tie Cork Poppers

Learn to tie Rubber Bug Bodies